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Ready for a carefree bunny?

The long accepted frustration of adapting cat litter boxes are over

Does your bunny do some or all of the following? 
  • Dig in the litter box? 
  • Likes to lay or sleep in the litter box? 
  • Gets urine stains from the litter? 
Do you find your litter box routine based on the following? 
  • Rabbit urine smell cause you to change litter box everyday.
  • Find it frustrating that litter is costing a fortune. 
  • Find it frustrating that the only litter you can use are paper based, carefresh, or aspen? 
  • Find it frustration that the litter you can use don't hide odor well? 
  • Find it frustrating that you feel you are wasting a lot of clean litter when you change the litter box? 
  • Find it frustrating that you feel you are wasting a lot of good hay? 
A solution has arrived!

A litter box designed just for rabbits! 

  • It is a two layer litter box system designed to separate rabbit's hay from the litter material and the urine.  
  • Because the litter is now separated it will keep your rabbit happily clean. 
  • You will change the litter box less and waste less litter.  
  • Because of the separation layer you can use non-clumping cat litter to lock in urine odor, and keep litter box smell free for days.  
  • Because you change litter less, and cat litter is cheaper, and you need to use less volume of litter, the cost of litter goes way down.

And it's bunny approved!